Vrijednosnice tonight played their first home game in Alpe Adria Cup in which they won UBSC Raiffeisen Graz.

KK Vrijednosnice Osijek – UBSC Raiffeisen Graz 100-82 (26:17, 23:21, 26:17, 25:27)

Vrijednosnice: Bašić 7, Jordano 14, Filipović 2, Kujundžić 5, Dmitrović 5, Ćorić 8, Šarenac 18, Jovanović, Buljević 12, Darling 15, Turalija 14, Vuković.

Raiffeisen Graz: Beard 27, Car 25, Yovitovski, Rašić, Tomazić 2, Poščić, Matić 18, Sepa 5, McCaw 5.

The hosts open the game with a young five and show good play with their aggression they dominated the guests from Austria and ended the first quarter with a score of 26:17.  In the second quarter, coach Domagoj Kujundžić puts in the game starters Lovro Bašić, Andrija Ćorić and Lovro Buljević, who maintain the advantage gained in the first quarter. In the first half Vrijednosnice played with great minutes of young players, the second half the home coach started with proven strength and raised the home side advantage to 75:55. In the last quarter, the hosts are still aggressive and go to the greatest advantage 88:66 at the 34th minute of game. In the 37th minute of the match, coach Kujundžić changed all the players and theay earned applause from the stands.
Top scorers of Vrijednosnice:  Šarenac 18, Darling 15, Turalija and Jordano 14, while the guests scored the most: Beard 27, Car 25 and Matić 18.


Coach of Vrijednosnice Osijek – Domagoj Kujundžić: We were greeted with the first  Alpe Adria Cup win that could have come in the previous two games. There were no problems in this game, we took the opponent as seriously as possible. We have had a lot of matches lately and we have introduced young forces to keep them fresh for the next championship game.

Player of Vrijednosnice Osijek – Franco Filipović : I think we played a good game, the coach gave the opportunity to all the players. Considering the young players played a lot, I think we played a great game. 

Coach of Raiffeisen Graz – Ervin Dragšić: A well deserved victory for Osijek, the match started for us very badly and we couldn’t get into that rhythm after the result 16: 2. Congratulations to Osijek, I hope we will play better in the return game.

Player of Raiffeisen Graz – Anton Beard: The host better open the match, they made a big difference at the beginning. Osijek played better offense and defense and we could not reach them in any way. Congratulations to the Osijek players.

Next match  is on November 2nd 2019 at at 5:00 pm in Osijek against KK Groica.