KK VRIJEDNOSNICE OSIJEK-KK BRNO 90:84 (26:21, 19:20, 23: 20, 22:23)

Refrees: Želimir Tresoglavić(Cro), Jospi Mikulić (Cro), Igor Salajić (Cro)

Attendence: 100

KK VROS: J. Boban 4,J. Taylor 27,A. Došen 5,A. Žulj,B. Markulin 12,R. Anzulović,A. Šarac 18,F. Krajina 6,V. Jois 12,D. Vrkić 3, N. Turalija 3.

KK BRNO: R.Hlavaček, M.Hrabovsky, B.Sulivan 28, J.Kozina 3, R.Pumprla 4, K.Mays 7, M.Primorac 15, M.Jednovicky 6, J.Tomanec 21, V.Vasat.

Game report:

The first match for this seasone of Alpe Adria Cup in Osijek was  marked by a lot of points for both teams.
In the first quarter of the game wins the home team with a score of 26:21.
By the home team in the first quarter of the game the highest scorer was
Jimmy Taylor (8).
As game continues by the same rhythm in the half-time was a lot of points (45:41).
Most points in the home team scored Taylor (16), and for the guest team Tomanec (9).
As the match continues at the end of the third quarter no one had any greater advantage (68:61).
In this match home team had big advantage twice for 10 points.
It was an exciting match with a lot of three point scores (24) that brought an interesting finale to the game.
And at the end victory belongs to the Vrijednosnice Osijek, who successfully opened second season of Alpe Adria Cup..


Home team coach Vladimir Krstić: I’m happy with the first win on the  first official game this season. We have a lot of elements to fix on the practices. Offensive and defensive rebounds and free throws.

Home team player Aljoša Šarac: The first home game. We had several times 10 points advantage. We are young and have a lot of new players who need some time to adapt. First win and that is the most important thing for us.

Guest team coach Dejan Jakara: The first European game for our boys. We did not have much time to prepare for tonight’s game. I think we played a solid match. I was expecting my young guys to fall with a rhythm in the second half, but they endured to the end. Congratulations to Osijek on winning.

Guest team player Mladen Primorac: Good match for viewers. He played well in offense without the right defense. We have a young team and this game was used as a preparation for the season.